Tall Heights share new song “Fire Escape”


Tall Heights have released a new song “Fire Escape” on Sony Masterworks in time for their tour supporting Ben Folds.

“We tracked ‘Fire Escape’ as a single day recording experiment — at the time, we weren’t ready to start making the next record yet, but we wanted to put ourselves back in the studio head space and get our wheels turning. By the end of the day, we felt really inspired by what we had captured and energized to create more.”

Listen here

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Gracie and Rachel cover Sia’s “Elastic Heart”


With the help of producer and friend John Fredericks (John The Baptist), Gracie and Rachel put their spin on Sia’s “Elastic Heart. Their version premiered earlier this week on BlackBook.

“It’s a song that moves us in its fierce empowerment to bounce back from what brings you down and is a reminder that each of us has the strength within to own the heart we want to own.”

Listen here

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NPR Music premieres Frances Cone’s ‘Unraveling’


NPR Music premieres new Frances Cone song “Unraveling.” “It’s only rolled out a few songs so far, but the Brooklyn band Frances Cone has already carved out a distinct sound — a sweet slow burn in which songs build gradually and carefully into something truly grand. The gorgeous ‘Unraveling,’ from a forthcoming album called Late Riser, really gets at what works about Frances Cone’s music: Each cooed ‘ooooh’ is in the exact right place, weaving together to form a warm and hypnotic tapestry.”

Listen to the song here.

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