This Time Round

This Time Round is a glorious debut for a band who, originally from Ireland, have in the last three years immersed themselves in the rich musical haven that is New York City.

This Time Round features some of the city’s finest: Chris Kuffner on electric guitars, bass and beautifully crafted synth work, Elliott Jacobson on drums/percussion, stunning vocals from Katie Costello, Lelia Broussard and Hannah Winkler, plus a host of other talent from New York’s vibrant and creative scene.

As always, their songwriting is marked with a belief in the promises of the universe, a curiosity about humanity and a hopeless romanticism embodied by only the most passionate of artists and dreamers. With equal amounts melancholy and jubilance, the duo’s signature mix of soaring melodies and emotionally intelligent lyrics remains intact.

On the title track “This Time Round” we are exposed to the urgency of the new creative process going on within the May/Lynch camp. On tracks “Coming Home” and “You Got Me” you get a sense of the band’s new found identity as they sing of their love of their new surroundings, “Strange” picks at the human condition while “For a Cat” delves into the madness of love. Tracks like “Cherry Red” asks the question who you would like to spend your last moments on earth with?

On “Electric Life”, carrying on the environmental theme, May and Lynch challenge the listener to “fight for your Electric Life”, while offering a haven from all the madness with the beautiful “Lay Your Weight.”

“Hola” declares a rebirth thanks to a new love.

A rebirth indeed,