Announcing the remaster and reissue of Ani DiFranco’s debut album

We are excited to share with you the new reissue of Ani DiFranco’s self-titled debut album on CD and digital! Put on some good headphones and travel back in time with us. This newly remastered version of Ani’s 1990 album de-cheeses the 80s-style reverb treatment of the original (as Ani puts it) and enhances the voice and guitar that made this recording so revolutionary on classics such as “Both Hands,” “Out of Habit,” “The Slant,” and “Fire Door.” We’ve revamped the CD packaging with a deluxe 4-panel wallet + 8-panel insert both on uncoated stock. Find the album on your favorite digital service and at the Righteous Babe store at the link in bio.

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Hear Gail Ann Dorsey on the new single from The National

You Had Your Soul With You

Hear Gail Ann Dorsey’s vocals on “You Had Your Soul With You,” the new single from The National.

From Gail: ‘Exciting news!! The first song release from the new album by The National is out today on which I have the great pleasure of being a guest vocalist! Beyond thrilled to have been invited to participate! A huge “THANK YOU” to one of the most inspiring, creative, and talented group of musicians and composers.’

Listen here.

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