Out now: “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s” by Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings

Righteous Babe Records presents “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s,” a new single by Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings from their forthcoming album Love is the Only Thing. Peter Mulvey exposes the bleakness of a generic American town with lyrics such as “nobody keeps a garden, they’ve got big white lawns” and “lord help the smart kid, the one who’s clearly getting gone.” An acoustic portrait of small-town America, “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s” is a song for “this summer, right here right now, for sure.” (Americana Highways).

“John Statz and I parked on the dike in the West of the Netherlands that separates the North Sea from the Zuiderzee. We sketched this portrait of a few American towns we’ve had the dubious pleasure of knowing. Some of the meanest things I’ve ever said get said in this town. Often, our daily life is a search for the optimal balance between honesty and kindness. In art, sometimes the gloves come off. All the noise in the background is Chauntee and Nathan.” – Peter Mulvey

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Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings announce new record Love Is The Only Thing; first single out now

Announcing the new record from Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings, Love Is The Only Thing, out August 12 on Righteous Babe Records. A self-proclaimed anti-fascist record, Love Is The Only Thing keeps kindness and compassion in the foreground, with the first single “You and (Everyone Else)” out today addressing the pandemic loneliness and fear for others’ safety. This is the second record SistaStrings — cellist-vocalist Monique Ross and violinist-vocalist Chauntee Ross — and Mulvey have made together, after 2020’s Live At The Cafe Carpe (also out on Righteous Babe).
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Honoring Frankie Rex of The FMs

Frankie Rex

With the most infinite sadness, The FMs have shared the news that Frankie Rex, singer, guitarist, and songwriter for The FMs, passed away from an apparent fentanyl poisoning at their partner’s home in Ithaca. Tributes for Frankie have been paid by friends, fans, and Billboard.

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Living in Clip 25th Anniversary Edition coming July 29

Living In Clip reisuse cover

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ani DiFranco’s landmark double live album, Righteous Babe Records announces Living in Clip 25th Anniversary Edition, a 2022 remaster available on CD, digital download, and for the first time, on 180g heavyweight red smoke triple vinyl with never-before-seen photos of Ani and crew inside the gatefold. Pre-order now for its July 29 release date.

Hear the 2022 remaster of “Napoleon (Northampton, Mass.)” out today wherever you get your music.

Photo credit Susan Alzner

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