Artist Management

stevenSteven Saporta comments on management:

“It’s no wonder that the greatest forces in the music industry today mostly emanated from personal management. The epicenter of an artist’s career is the personal manager: the planner, advisor, strategist, confidant, and all around supervisor of every aspect of the artist’s intent. UFO Music was created from a manager’s perspective by two highly regarded veteran managers consistently known for implementing these various crucial components, but doing so with the proper nuance that befits the artist’s point of view. UFO’s sister company, the management concern Invasion Group, Ltd. was formed in the early 80s and is acknowledged for its innovative marketing, artistic protection, and keen business concepts.”

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Invasion Group

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Financial Management

kennellRick Kennell – Finance

“In this cluttered and demanding business, it is a pleasure to be associated with a label whose personnel have had a wealth of experience in day-to-day artist management. Finally, a label that can truly excel in the rapidly shrinking world of artist development!”

Rick began his career as a musician signed to a major label. After deciding to switch over to the business side of the industry he went to work at a financial service company, Lawrence Blau & Associates, where he became a partner in 1988. At Lawrence Blau & Associates, Rick gained an extensive background in business management and financial planning of artists. Rick now manages royalty systems for various publishing and record royalty entities, and is fully versed in the operation of all royalty calculations and the fiduciary responsibility of artists, record companies, and distribution companies.

Fei WuFei Wu – Accounting

Fei Wu has a Master’s Degree in Accountancy from the University of Illinois, Urbana and she has earned her CPA designation from the State of Illinois. Fei received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Central University of Finance and Economy in Beijing, China, where she was a member of the English Association, the Psychology Association and for sports participation, the Badminton Association. She also volunteered extensively, arranging social events at the military base near campus, leading English and Art classes for elementary students in destitute areas, and visiting local hospices as a care-giver to the elderly. In the English Association, Fei conducted the New Oriental Cup English Contest in Beijing, where she handled publicity city-wide. She also served as a secretary in the Undergraduate Student Association where she held DIY T-Shirt week on campus and attracted 500 participants. At the University of Illinois, Fei participated in the Habitat for Humanity program as well as Project Discovery and was also enrolled in a special Leadership Program.

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