UFO Intern Program

UFO has a comprehensive intern program offered to both students interested in the entertainment business and graduates looking for entry into the business. Our internship program is the place to truly see how the industry operates and what it takes to develop a long-term career for an artist. You’ll be given responsibilities beyond those of a typical “intern” and have a chance to kick off a great music industry career.

During your internship, you will learn about:
*Various parts of the music industry including management, touring, publicity, online marketing, publishing, film & tv placement, and record label services
*How we tailor our services to each individual artist
*Strategies for success in the new music industry

The ideal candidate would:
*Be passionate about establishing a career path at an innovative new model entertainment company
*Have flexibility and be able to assist artists, managers, administrative and technology personnel
*Be hard-working and willing to work long hours to make a difference
*Be an organized self-starter requiring minimal supervision
*Be high-achieving and goal-oriented with a positive outlook
*Have great attention to detail
*Be comfortable working in team situations in an office environment
*Have or be pursuing a relevant Bachelor’s degree
*Live in New York City

Must have general knowledge of music industry and HUNGER to have a successful career in the business. Committed and professional attitude need only apply.

If you would like to apply to the UFO internship program, please send your resume and cover letter explaining why you want to work in the music industry to Jana Fisher with the subject “Internship Program.”

Intern Testimonials

Sam DusingSam Dusing – Fall 2018

“When I found the listing for the Invasion internship, I had been out of college for several years. I knew that I had a deep curiosity about the world of music, but didn’t have the requisite experience for many ‘entry level’ internships. And I knew the reputation of many of the corporate places: coffee, errands, and busy work. After talking to Jana for 30 minutes, I not only felt like I would have a connection to the work but also a connection to the team. The feeling was right! Working at Invasion was great because the whole group really cares about each other and about advocating for their artists. That’s why the Invasion internship allows you to see many sides of the industry: it’s a boutique company with passionate managers. They get on all sides of their artist and, as an intern, so do you. I worked on press, marketing, social media, booking, and, of course, management. I’m grateful to the Invasion internship for helping me ‘track jump’ into a new career, but I’m especially grateful to have gotten a 360-degree, hands-on view of the industry.”

Darius Colson – Fall 2017

“Looking back, my internship with United For Opportunity/Invasion Group was just the beginning of what has become a blossoming and exciting career in an industry that I love and am very passionate about. Coming out of university with a degree in music and an interest in the workings of the music industry, my time at United For Opportunity exposed me to the many facets of artist management and gave me an in depth look into the operations of an independent record label working in a quickly evolving industry—things I previously had very little knowledge of. As someone who never interned while in school, this internship was my first authentic office work experience and proved to be a very positive experience that solidified my interest in music business. From doing work that made me feel like I was contributing, digesting information while sitting in on team meetings, attending live music events across Manhattan and meeting talented artists from the company’s roster, my three months working with this incredible team seemed to fly by. Nearly three years later, working for a music/audio production studio and indie record label, it’s always such a delight to run into some of the UFO team at industry wide events and catch up. I have tremendous respect for the UFO team and the great work that they continue to do.”

toripiscoTori Pisco – Spring 2016

“As an intern UFO/Invasion, you are on the front lines of almost every project. It’s a small and intimate environment where the team includes interns in all meetings, encourages you to take projects as far as you’d like, and welcomes your opinions and insights. I enjoyed being treated equally and the transparency of how the business runs, which really contributed to my understanding of the industry as a whole and how each role works inside our company and across business relationships. I also really enjoyed how the job broadened my musical interests and allowed me to explore artists and other music companies that I may not have been exposed to otherwise!

“UFO/Invasion is the perfect internship to take early on in your career journey. You’ll feel welcomed, involved, and most likely inspired to do things on your own, which is really rewarding!”

a_hannonAli Hannon – Fall 2015

“I went into my internship at UFO wondering whether artist management was the right route for me to take, and I am coming out of it affirmed that it is. During this internship I was exposed to the good and the bad of being a manager in the music industry, and I am thankful for that because it also taught me a lot about how to handle certain situations the right way. I always knew that being a manager involved many different aspects of the industry, and at UFO I was able to actually have a hand in each one making me that much more experienced for my future.

“The environment at UFO is friendly and inviting, and everybody there wants to help you learn as much as possible. I would recommend UFO to anyone who isn’t sure of their path and wants to try out artist management or is sure and wants to jump right in because the staff here allows you to be as involved as you want.”

lesleyLesley Heyman – Summer 2015

“When starting my internship with UFO, I was initially surprised at how hands-on all of my responsibilities were. The individualized attention and constant explanations of the bigger picture I received when fulfilling my duties is something I would not have found at other labels. The UFO office is always filled with new and interesting music, as well as people who really care about what they are doing. I was able to try my hand at many different things and learn what appealed to me the most, and I am excited to continue pursuing a career in the music industry. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity, and thank everyone at UFO for all of the guidance, lessons, and music suggestions!”

p_vecchiarelliPJ Vecchiarelli – Spring 2014

“There is nothing more helpful to a lost college student than an internship where you are actually part of the team. In big corporations, one can get lost in too many coffee runs and never manage to learn about the business as they set out to. UFO/Invasion is the polar opposite of this. They are a small and dedicated staff who are so willing to take interns under their wing and teach them the tricks of the trade. As someone still unsure of their future, I was thrilled to be able to have a hand in so many different departments. During my internship, I worked on tour marketing, booking, publicity, social media, and artist management, just to name a few. Each of these aspects is its own force, and I got to see what propelled each one and how compatible I was with it. My time at this internship taught me so much about the business and what it takes to succeed. Working at UFO/Invasion was a great introductory step into the world of music, and I can honestly say that my time there was invaluable.”

c_johnsonCamille Johnson – Spring 2013

“I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to intern at UFO. I am a second year law student and have always been interested in working in the music industry. Interning at UFO has definitely been a crash course in all aspects of the industry: distribution, marketing, management, tours, publishing etc. For me, the insights and information I gained working as a legal intern have been invaluable. It gave me the opportunity to see how the legal theories I’ve been learning, are applied in real time for real artists.

“Because most of the work is coming out of one office, you get a chance to absorb everything. This is not a coffee run sort of internship, the staff is really intentional about giving meaningful projects to the interns. This is probably the first internship I’ve ever had where all the interns were allowed to attend staff meetings, and not even just attend, interns are encouraged to participate.

“I interned at a major label prior to interning at UFO. I learned sooo much more interning at UFO, the experiences don’t even compare. I would recommend interning at UFO to anyone who loves music and has a real interest in learning the business.”

l_cohenLauren Cohen – Summer 2012

“Interning at United For Opportunity was a great experience. I got exposure to all different aspects of the music industry that I most likely would not have received at other labels. UFO is filled with individuals who are committed to teaching and involving everyone in projects, no matter what their position. During my time at UFO I learned a lot and was able to understand all the different parts involved in developing artists and I was also able to figure out what interested me the most. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity I had interning at UFO.”

m_epsteinMichael Epstein – Summer 2012

“My time at United for Opportunity has turned into one of the most valuable experiences of my life. After graduating SUNY New Paltz and looking to further my passion for music, I decided to look for an internship at an independent record label and joined United for Opportunity. UFO was the perfect model as most artists are going indie nowadays. In addition, I was learning from the best as Steven Saporta and Peter Casperson are veterans in the music industry. In my time at UFO, I’ve learned how the industry is changing and why so many artists have decided to take the indie route. I’ve gained exposure to all facets of the music industry, including management, touring, and digital marketing to name a few. I’ve gained tremendous experience in internet marketing as Jana has taught me the importance of staying up to date with information as well as the plethora of websites that can be used for an artist’s benefit. Social media is the name of the game and Jana has taught me a lot. I work most closely with Greg, who has taught me how to read performance contracts and explained to me how touring works. He has also taught me the importance of tour marketing and what materials are used to promote shows. I was also able to work on a marketing plan for the artist Will Gray under the guidance of Steve Dalmer. The marketing plan was extremely hands on and I will never forget the experience of meeting Will Gray and discussing his passion for music.

“Overall, as an intern at UFO my thoughts and opinions are valued. I genuinely feel as if I’m a member of the team and not just someone to run stereotypical intern duties like making coffee. Mr. Casperson, Mr. Saporta, and Mr. Dalmer are extremely welcoming and not only want to see me strive to help the company, but I also feel like they have my best interests in mind. In short, my experience thus far at United for Opportunity has given me tremendous exposure to the music industry and has allowed me to decide for myself which aspects interest me most. I do not know of many internships that are as hands on and valuable for those looking to get into the music industry.”

a_maharajanAnil Maharajan – Summer 2012

“If nothing else, my time at United for Opportunity has provided me with one important life lesson: the reality of the music business. Upon entering their internship program I knew that I wanted to be in the music industry, but such a naïve, general thought is only acceptable for those who have no idea of the complexities of this rapidly evolving ecosystem. There are seemingly endless different positions that are essential to further the career of a musician, and once you realize that you must begin to determine how your abilities will give you the advantage you need in order to succeed at your position. Although there is nothing more in the world that I want than be on stage performing, the reality is that I do not have such skills, rather I have the ability to get those artists from stage to stage. After a few days of doing general internship work, Peter Casperson sat me down to discuss my interest in music and, although I did know a single thing about the industry, after speaking with me for fifteen minutes he suggested that I would be a natural booking agent. Even though I did not really know what this entailed I agreed because I knew that I did not want to be stuffing envelopes all summer.

“What truly surprised me was that I quickly evolved from being a stereotypical ‘intern’ to working as a part of the company. Just a week after this conversation I was calling up venues trying to book The Abrams Brothers’ first US tour telling the buyers that I was a representative of UFO. The company does not try to sequester the abilities of their interns by providing them with meaningless tasks that have little relevance to the company; rather they place us in the front lines to use our talents to help their business move forward, while providing us with the necessary support and understanding to make this possible. It is this combined with the ability of the staff to recognize the intern’s skill set and properly designate projects that make this internship beneficial experience for all parties. The extensive résumés of those around you create heightened expectations you place on yourself to succeed, and at the end of the day I was ultimately surprised by all that I accomplished. Above all else, this internship helps to provide direction for the future and the network that could help make this a possibility. By no means will it be an easy path; however, at least, it is now a possibility, and while I may never become a booking agent I have developed a skill set that transcends a specific job and I truly loved what I was doing all summer.”

m_pohlMax Pohl – Summer 2012

“The term ‘intern’ usually conjures up images of students frantically making coffee runs and taking lunch orders for dispassionate and distant employees. This cliché depiction couldn’t have been more different from what I experienced this summer.

“Arriving at the beginning of June, the members of UFO / Invasion Group were immediately welcoming. Mr. Casperson met with me to discuss my aspirations and what type of work I would like to be exposed to and involved with. As I walked to my desk after our talk I realized how fortunate my situation was: to be interning at a company that openly valued both the work done by interns and their overall experience. Referring back to what my friends had said about their internships, this was a rare opportunity. As I have found throughout the summer, UFO / Invasion Group has continually adhered to this principle making my experience enjoyable and highly valuable. —I have had the opportunity to forge professional relationships as well as acquire a well-rounded perspective of the music industry, enabling me to begin uncovering and exploring my interests.

“Anyone considering interning at UFO / Invasion Group should take advantage of this opportunity. You will be exposed to all sides of the industry from touring, promotion, management and legal practices, all of which are necessary to better understand the current state of the industry and it’s ongoing evolution. As I have experienced, your work will be valued and you will interact directly with employees and artists. Something I think that has greatly benefited me this summer was becoming accustomed to working in a team and communicating with others in a professional setting. This level of personal interaction and mentoring is invaluable and presents the opportunity to learn from, and become directly connected with professionals.

“Often clouded by the hectic pace of the industry, the music business is built around just that: music, art and creativity. This reality was kept alive and emphasized by UFO / Invasion Group. As a result I was encouraged to explore the city and attend artist performances. These shows were fantastic because I was able to hear our artists live and witness their impact on listeners, effectively bringing the industry back to its musical roots. Similarly, the shows provided the perfect outlet to explore New York’s music scene and connect with employees. Equally valuable as the work experience I gained was following UFO’s belief that becoming a successful member of the industry requires an equal display of passion in and out of the office. Upholding this principle helped me build professional relationships and discover great music.

“UFO / Invasion Group provided me with exceptional, hands-on experience in the music industry and encouraged self-exploration and growth. The time I spent as an intern gave me hope for both the future of the industry and my corresponding career path. Thanks to everyone at UFO / Invasion Group for giving me such a memorable, productive and wonderful summer!”

Matt Tinkelman – Summer 2012

“My experience at UFO/Invasion was nothing short of an eye opening experience. I interned in Summer 2012 from May to the end of August, specifically brought on board to intern and concentrate on a specific artist on the UFO roster. However, regardless of where my concentration was held, I was exposed to many different aspects of the ways in which UFO/Invasion works with their artists. The most enjoyable part of my experience was being able to sit in on office meetings where we discussed the status of all of our artists. The employees at UFO/Invasion treated me and the other interns as coworkers and peers, constantly asking for our input on important decisions. Much of my time was spent updating layout and content on artist websites, creating a promotional video and presentations for artist endeavors, researching potential markets of opportunity for artists throughout the United States and abroad, and marketing initiatives for artist Mark Wood among many other things. After interning at UFO/Invasion, I have a better idea of where I want to go with my career. The other interns and I were involved and immersed in pretty much every aspect of what UFO does on a day-to-day basis, so I was able to figure out what facets of an artist management firm I liked and didn’t like. My time at UFO was very hands on and immersive, and I definitely benefited from the generous nature in the office and the wealth of knowledge that the UFO employees bestowed upon me. Overall, my experience at UFO remains the most fulfilling and satisfying internship I have had thus far.”

More of our past interns

Noah Dinkin interned at UFO throughout his years at the Stern Business School at NYU. After graduation he joined the UFO team, and a few years later he went on to co-found leading email management service for artists FanBridge. Jana Fisher joined the UFO/Invasion team and heads up Internet Marketing. Greg DeVito also joined the UFO/Invasion team as head of Tour Marketing. Jenny Johnson went on to launch the Nashville office for Modern Works Music Publishing. Katy Lane began a career at artist booking agency Moodswing360. Jesse Roman launched his own LA-based event planning and promotion company, StepUp Productions. Megan Albert went on to start a career at national music video promotion company HIP Video Promo. Lauren Kester is a Jr. Account Manager at digital marketing company LBi US. Mandi LeBlanc moved to Austin, TX where she works for music/entertainment creative branding agency DMX. Brett Spigelman plays in the band I Love Monsters. Regan Meador went on to have a successful career as a digital strategist with Grey Advertising. Jennifer Chang went on to work for Sony Accounting. Leah Shapiro is the drummer for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Nesi was featured in Bravo’s The Kandi Factory.

Did you intern at UFO? Let us know what you’re up to!