Film and TV

Our in-house film & TV staff partners with Sugaroo! on all searches to find ideal placements for the UFO catalog. Founded by Michael Nieves in January of 1999, Sugaroo! is a music licensing, marketing and management company that represents independent record labels, artists and music publishers for visual media licensing, including film, TV, advertising, theatrical trailers, video games, and beyond.

Additionally, our joint venture with Modern Works Music Publishing gives publishing clients access to boutique licensing services. With offices in New York, Nashville, and Tucson— and a worldwide network of hand-picked sub-publishers— Modern Works does business with all the major licensees of music, including record companies, advertising agencies, film and television companies, interactive gaming companies, and online music purveyors. Songs in the Modern Works catalog are used thousands of times each year in these categories.

Our film & tv partners:
Modern Works Music Publishing

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