peterPeter Casperson comments on distribution:

“As it became clear that digital distribution was going to be the future of music distribution, we were developing the United For Opportunity platform. UFO was in the front of the line when iTunes started accepting distribution deals with independent labels. We were equally as aggressive and early in setting up deals on a worldwide basis with the top download sites, allowing us to have direct deals across the globe and to create direct relationships with sites as they emerge.

“Now, thanks to that foresight and aggressive ingenuity, we have no middlemen. iTunes, Amazon digital, Spotify and others are all dealt with directly by our staff who work these outlets to our advantage for positioning and special programs on behalf of our select group of distributed artists/labels. We are a boutique digital aggregator as well as a distribution conduit for our roster of artists/labels.”

“UFO has partnered with The Orchard for access to every retail outlet in the U.S.”

Stage and Artist/UFO site sales
“We put tremendous emphasis for all music sales on the direct-to-fan experience. Whenever possible we try to drive the fan and potential fan to a branded artist site in order to capture all possible information on the person buying music. Obviously this creates the opportunity for the artist to communicate with their fan. We also put a tremendous effort to drive potential fans to see a live performance, sign up for the artist’s e-mail list, meet the band and buy product at the show. This is the best retail experience as it includes the live experience, a personalized moment with the artist and collecting fan info for future communication. This is also the best financial deal for the artist and serves to underwrite many a tour.”

“In 2015, UFO expanded its reach into eBook distribution through Amazon KDP. Our first eBook was the first ever digital release of Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes, the definitive work on the dizzying genius by New York Times best-selling author Sylvie Simmons. We’ve since embarked on a partnership with singer-songwriter/author Lori Carson for the launch of 3 a.m. analog: Musicians Who Write, publishing short form fiction and creative non-fiction from musician-writers. With our technical and marketing expertise, we are able to provide quality eBook publishing for the musician whose artistry stretches across media.”

Our partners in distribution:
The Orchard

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