Sylvie Simmons


Sylvie Simmons

Sylvie Simmons is a renowned British rock writer who misspent her youth and several subsequent decades hanging with bands and taking notes. Her writing has appeared in countless publications and collections including the legendary US magazine Creem and UK’s MOJO, for whom she still writes today.

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Along the way, living variously in London, Los Angeles, France and San Francisco, she acquired an award or two, became the subject of a BBC documentary (The Rock Chick) and wrote a number of highly-acclaimed books. She is the author of Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes; Neil Young, Reflections in Broken Glass; the cult short story collection Too Weird for Ziggy; and, most recently, the international bestseller I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen, which she promoted by going on the road for a year with her book and ukulele; like all rock writers, she has an inner rockstar. Her debut album Sylvie was released on Light In The Attic Records in 2014.


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Not Just A Gun But Dancing by Sylvie Simmons

“Not Just a Gun But Dancing,” is a must read, a tale of late-night visitation and sleeplessness by Sylvie Simmons, the award-winning writer and author of best-selling Leonard Cohen biography, “I’m Your Man.” In “Not Just a Gun,” all of the men who have ever shared the narrator’s bed, or her life, come to her ghost-like and she sees them clearly, “all who wanted to be brave and tried but couldn’t.”

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Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes

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United For Opportunity is proud to release, for the first-time on ebook, a New Expanded Edition of Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes by Sylvie Simmons, the award-winning rock writer and the New York Times Best-selling author of I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen. Originally published in 2001, long out of print and never until now available digitally, A Fistful of Gitanes was the first biography in English to capture Gainsbourg in all his gleeful outrageousness and contradictions, and counted Gainsbourg’s longtime partner Jane Birkin and legendary novelist JG Ballard among its avid fans.

Simmons’s work will stand as the definitive take on a dizzying genius. This new edition, which includes an expanded discography, will be available digitally in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese is available exclusively through here.

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