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Label founder Ani DiFranco once called Righteous Babe Records “a people-friendly, sub-corporate, woman-informed, queer-happy small business that puts music before rock stardom and ideology before profit,” and it’s hard to imagine a more accurate mission statement than that one.

Since Ani bucked the major label system in the early-‘90s, opting to release her music on her own terms, the self-described Little Folksinger has been the subject of all kinds of hyperbole. She’s been called “fiercely independent” (Rolling Stone), “inspirational” (All Music Guide), “the ultimate do-it-yourself songwriter” (The New York Times), etc. As the cracks in the music industry get larger and more big-name artists follow Ani’s lead – Radiohead, Madonna and Nine Inch Nails among them – maybe people will just start calling her “smart.”

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As important as Righteous Babe Records is to the singer/songwriter/guitarist, she’s more than happy to trust like-minded people with the business and revel in the complete artistic freedom it provides.

Ani DiFranco has written hundreds of songs, played thousands of shows, captured the imaginations of legions of followers, and jammed with folkies, orchestras, rappers, rock and roll hall-of-famers, jazz musicians, poets, pop superstars, storytellers and a martial arts legend. She’s “fixed up a few old buildings” and minimized her carbon footprint before it was trendy – from installing a geothermal heating and cooling system in the renovated church that her label calls home to using organic inks on all the t-shirts she sells. But nothing she’s done in her 20+year career has garnered more attention than a business decision.

By the way, none of this ever appeared on any five-year plan or annual report; it has all developed out of necessity, over a long period of time fraught with trial and error and unanticipated golden opportunities. As Ani puts it, demand comes before supply around here. One reason things take so long is that we put a lot of thought into everything we do: we strive to work with local designers and manufacturers whenever possible, we insist on American-made fabrics, we carefully check out every magazine and website before we consider advertising, we mull over film offers, and we tend to stick with the same promoters from Ani’s coffeehouse days. Sometimes people don’t agree with the decisions we make, and they let us know, and we listen in a spirit of dialogue.

Over the years, we have learned that independence doesn’t always equal obscurity and that reaching people doesn’t necessitate “selling out.” You can be political, you can be autonomous, and you can pay the rent, too. The high point of any given day at RBR comes when we hear from other folks who tell us they’ve taken our example and added their own unique twist to it. Lots of times it’s other musicians starting up their own labels (Prince, for instance), but we also get word from magazine publishers, website designers, arts organizations, activists, educators, you name it. We discovered that lots of people are as frightened as we are by the prospect of a world governed by one mega-mergerized multinational corporation where income is the only measure of success, and together we are committed to finding working alternatives to that model.


Out now: Temporary Letdown by Liv Slingerland

Announcing the new single “Temporary Letdown” by Liv Slingerland OUT NOW on Righteous Babe Records!

This single, written by Liv Slingerland and Grey Goon, is about not feeling like yourself in the context of a relationship and thinking you’ve let the other person and yourself down because of that. This song also serves as a reminder that you can always find a way back to the place you want to be despite whatever chaos you might find yourself in in the moment. Forthcoming LP Hey You is out August 5th and available for pre-order.

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Out now: “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s” by Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings

Righteous Babe Records presents “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s,” a new single by Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings from their forthcoming album Love is the Only Thing. Peter Mulvey exposes the bleakness of a generic American town with lyrics such as “nobody keeps a garden, they’ve got big white lawns” and “lord help the smart kid, the one who’s clearly getting gone.” An acoustic portrait of small-town America, “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s” is a song for “this summer, right here right now, for sure.” (Americana Highways).

“John Statz and I parked on the dike in the West of the Netherlands that separates the North Sea from the Zuiderzee. We sketched this portrait of a few American towns we’ve had the dubious pleasure of knowing. Some of the meanest things I’ve ever said get said in this town. Often, our daily life is a search for the optimal balance between honesty and kindness. In art, sometimes the gloves come off. All the noise in the background is Chauntee and Nathan.” – Peter Mulvey

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Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings announce new record Love Is The Only Thing; first single out now

Announcing the new record from Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings, Love Is The Only Thing, out August 12 on Righteous Babe Records. A self-proclaimed anti-fascist record, Love Is The Only Thing keeps kindness and compassion in the foreground, with the first single “You and (Everyone Else)” out today addressing the pandemic loneliness and fear for others’ safety. This is the second record SistaStrings — cellist-vocalist Monique Ross and violinist-vocalist Chauntee Ross — and Mulvey have made together, after 2020’s Live At The Cafe Carpe (also out on Righteous Babe).
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