Grace and the Victory Riders


Grace and the Victory Riders

Grace & the Victory Riders combine world flavors and rhythms with pop songwriting and a message of social consciousness. Grace is a singer-songwriter who has been influenced by her travels all over the world; she has lived in Africa, India, Jamaica, North America, and Europe. Her journey eventually brought her to Paris, where she first gained a following. Her band played more than 150 concerts in France and her album Hall of Mirrors went Gold. Her next album, Made For Change, was released in the US on UFO.


UFO Releases

Miles Away and Still On The Run (Paris Shortcuts 2008-2012)

We’re very happy to share with you this EP Paris Shortcuts, introducing our music to the American scene.

It’s 5 tracks from my previous albums selected by Steve Lunt, remastered (and reproduced for one of them) as well as a brand new single called “For Miles & Miles (Black Elk’s Vision)!” It’s produced by Steve Lunt and Jerome Degey, with musical performances by our Paris based Victory Riders: Philippe Aglae (vocals), Latabi Diouani (drums), and Ze Luis Nascimento (percussion); and also here in the US, Victory Riders Wayne Perry (trombone), Tom Mitchell (baritone & tenor sax), Noble Lockhart-Mays (backing vocals) and of course Jerome Degey (guitars, bass and arrangements).

Black Elk was a Lakota Sioux shaman, witnessing the defeat and death of his people, had a prediction that “in seven generations to come, the fallen ones will be reborn in the children. That time has come and you are the one.”

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