Elastic Heart

With the help of producer and friend John Fredericks (John The Baptist), Gracie and Rachel put their spin on Sia’s “Elastic Heart. Their version premiered on BlackBook.

“It’s a song that moves us in its fierce empowerment to bounce back from what brings you down and is a reminder that each of us has the strength within to own the heart we want to own.”


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“The gorgeous ‘Unraveling,’ from a forthcoming album called Late Riser, really gets at what works about Frances Cone’s music: Each cooed ‘ooooh’ is in the exact right place, weaving together to form a warm and hypnotic tapestry.”NPR’s All Songs Considered


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Love Comes Back Around

Jennifer Knapp has experienced enough chaos and turmoil in her life that she could write about it on every album. Instead, she made Love Comes Back Around, a collection of songs that focus on what really matters. Produced by Viktor Krauss, Knapp’s latest features 10 compelling new tunes exploring love — but not the easy kind. These are love songs for grown-ups who have come a few miles. “It’s not just sex, it’s not just physical relationships,” Knapp says. “It’s hard work. It’s loss, it’s forgiveness, it’s a lot of things wrapped up in one.” Love Comes Back Around pairs her fearless songwriting and strong, expressive voice with rootsy arrangements.

“The album’s title track is a gentle folk tune that takes a look at love’s long winding path.” – American Songwriter

“continuing to make poignant, heartfelt songs documenting her journey through the human experience.” – Knoxville Daily Times


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David Krakauer is considered to be one of the most singular clarinet virtuosos on the planet. But beyond that he brings a point of view to the table that is uniquely his own. Continuing on a path of constant self discovery, Krakauer introduces the music of his latest CD Checkpoint (Table Pounding Records).

Krakauer, a category-defying instrumentalist, uses his cultural heritage as a powerful inspiration for his music, informing and enabling his stylistically compelling projects. His is a singular vision, encompassing the diverse worlds of classical, klezmer, avant jazz, funk and electronica.

For the past 25 years Krakauer has been on a musical journey tracing his Eastern European roots. This voyage has found him revisiting his ancestral homeland, from where his Russian/Polish grandparents and great-grandparents immigrated at the end of the 19th century. Traveling east through Berlin before the Wall came down, the checkpoint experiences became momentous creative touchstones for Krakauer.

Like a travel guide on a literal and metaphorical search, on Checkpoint” he bears witness to the deep, joyous, human encounters he experienced. With his long-time band members of Ancestral Groove, he reveals the next step in his musical evolution sharing with us all stories about the human condition.

Ancestral Groove, with Sheryl Bailey on electric guitar, Jerome Harris on electric bass, Michael Sarin on drums/percussion, and Keepalive on electronics, creates a bridge between Krakauer’s singular take on jazz and world music, and guides us to another musical adventure. His three special guests on the CD Rob Curto, John Medeski and Marc Ribot add their own signatures to the mix.

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Miles Away and Still On The Run (Paris Shortcuts 2008-2012)

We’re very happy to share with you this EP Paris Shortcuts, introducing our music to the American scene.

It’s 5 tracks from my previous albums selected by Steve Lunt, remastered (and reproduced for one of them) as well as a brand new single called “For Miles & Miles (Black Elk’s Vision)!” It’s produced by Steve Lunt and Jerome Degey, with musical performances by our Paris based Victory Riders: Philippe Aglae (vocals), Latabi Diouani (drums), and Ze Luis Nascimento (percussion); and also here in the US, Victory Riders Wayne Perry (trombone), Tom Mitchell (baritone & tenor sax), Noble Lockhart-Mays (backing vocals) and of course Jerome Degey (guitars, bass and arrangements).

Black Elk was a Lakota Sioux shaman, witnessing the defeat and death of his people, had a prediction that “in seven generations to come, the fallen ones will be reborn in the children. That time has come and you are the one.”

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Not Just A Gun But Dancing by Sylvie Simmons

“Not Just a Gun But Dancing,” is a must read, a tale of late-night visitation and sleeplessness by Sylvie Simmons, the award-winning writer and author of best-selling Leonard Cohen biography, “I’m Your Man.” In “Not Just a Gun,” all of the men who have ever shared the narrator’s bed, or her life, come to her ghost-like and she sees them clearly, “all who wanted to be brave and tried but couldn’t.”

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