Paste Magazine premieres Ani DiFranco’s track “Binary”


Ani DiFranco’s new track “Binary” premieres today on Paste Magazine!

“Though DiFranco’s tinkered with funk and jazz sounds before, it’s possible that ‘Binary’ is DiFranco’s funkiest and jazziest tune to date. ‘Binary’ is a heady, insular tune where all of the organ blasts and liquid basslines are in lockstep with one another. DiFranco doesn’t even really dare to interrupt them until about 45 seconds in, and even then, she sings in a staccato way about not just hearing but perceiving, so her vocal work doesn’t really get in the way.”

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Jai Uttal’s new album Roots, Rock, Rama! out today on Mantralogy


Jai Uttal’s new album Roots, Rock, Rama! is out today on Mantralogy!
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The whole world’s myriad musical colors coruscate like a bejeweled shawl tossed from the shoulders of a goddess on this landmark two-CD recording. It manages to pack a lifetime’s spiritual and musical quest into seventy-eight minutes of glorious music from an innovator whose work transcends any category or genre designation.

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