Miles Away and Still On The Run (Paris Shortcuts 2008-2012)

grace ep2

We’re very happy to share with you this EP Paris Shortcuts, introducing our music to the American scene.

It’s 5 tracks from my previous albums selected by Steve Lunt, remastered (and reproduced for one of them) as well as a brand new single called “For Miles & Miles (Black Elk’s Vision)!” It’s produced by Steve Lunt and Jerome Degey, with musical performances by our Paris based Victory Riders: Philippe Aglae (vocals), Latabi Diouani (drums), and Ze Luis Nascimento (percussion); and also here in the US, Victory Riders Wayne Perry (trombone), Tom Mitchell (baritone & tenor sax), Noble Lockhart-Mays (backing vocals) and of course Jerome Degey (guitars, bass and arrangements).

Black Elk was a Lakota Sioux shaman, witnessing the defeat and death of his people, had a prediction that “in seven generations to come, the fallen ones will be reborn in the children. That time has come and you are the one.”

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