peterPeter Casperson comments on merchandise:

Ashley Richardson

Ashley Richardson

“United For Opportunity NYC has partnered with Buffalo-based Righteous Babe (Ani DiFranco and co. invented DIY) to provide a full service, vertically integrated merchandise company. The business of selling merchandise is organized out of NYC while the Righteous Babe staff, headed by Ashley Richardson in Buffalo, handles actual fulfillment of orders and storage in the unbelievably gorgeous renovated 19th century church that is now the Babeville Theatre merch complex. Through Righteous Babe we have over 10,000 square feet of storage space to house and organize merchandise. We also have relationships with several top-notch design companies that are available to develop, along with the artist, any and all merchandise items.


“Flexibility is the key to our success with clients. We can handle the whole process – from design and manufacturing to storage – or just warehouse an artist’s merchandise for them. We offer design, manufacturing, order fulfillment, storage, drop shipping, and servicing retail distribution. With UFO’s marketing expertise, Righteous Babe’s incredible staff and the very cost effective facility in Buffalo, no one does it better or less expensively than we do.”

Our merchandise partners:
Righteous Babe

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