Online Marketing

janaJana Fisher – Online Marketing

“The Internet provides artists with countless opportunities to build relationships with their fans. UFO helps artists maximize these connections by ensuring that each artist’s online presence is a genuine extension of their onstage identity.”

Jana Fisher is an artist manager and digital marketing expert who has been with United For Opportunity since 2009. Her deep knowledge of the entertainment industry encompasses talent management, social media, email marketing, crowdfunding, branding, digital and print design, street teams and direct-to-fan sales. She recently started UFO’s Los Angeles office. She designed and built the UFO site you are currently visiting.

Tour Marketing and Publicity

gdevitoGreg DeVito – Tour Marketing

“UFO provides a home to artists where they can place their trust in the talented and experienced personnel. The staff is both creative and forward thinking when it comes to developing marketing plans and utilizing promotional tools.”

Originally from Denville, NJ, Greg attended University of Florida and New York University, earning a Bachelor’s in Economics. Being a self-taught musician and avid music fan, Greg decided to forego the traditional career path of an Economics major and instead pursue his passion for music. He began his career at artist management company Sophistic Arts before finding a home at UFO, where he heads up the tour marketing efforts of the UFO marketing team. Greg’s background as an agent at TBArtists and Hoplite informs his perspective on tour marketing and allows him to provide UFO clients with additional booking support.


peterPeter Casperson – CEO

Peter Casperson comments on radio:
“Due to the volatile and ever changing nature of radio, we align ourselves with numerous radio promotion services specializing in every format. Due to the volume of releases we work, we have terrific relationships with all these independent companies. We offer comprehensive support to the genre-specific experts we hire case by case. In order to be effective in contemporary radio you have to have a strong working relationship with radio promotion experts who are motivated to develop artists with you over time and not just looking for a 8 week job. We know the good guys.”

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